Seasonal Tip

Seasonal Tip

November, 2014
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Newly planted grass is very delicate and easily damaged versus established grass in a mature lawn.


When and how much should I fertilize my lawn?

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You should ask yourself, "How much care do I wish to provide?" Most home lawns contain grasses such as Tall Fescue which require approximately 3-3.5 lbs. nitrogen per 1,000 sq. ft. per year to maintain a healthy, dense lawn; therefore, lawns should be fertilized 4 times per year.
  • Early Spring – Tax Day
  • Late Spring – Memorial Day
  • Late Summer/Early Fall – Labor Day
  • Late Fall – Halloween
The early spring application may be combined with a pre-emergent crabgrass control if desired. The late spring application could be a weed and feed rather than straight fertilizer if necessary. If an application had to be omitted, the lawn would survive with 3 lbs. nitrogen per 1,000 sq. ft. per year and be applied as three fertilizer applications. (The late spring application could be omitted.)