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Seasonal Tip

November, 2014
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What summertime weeds can be eradicated with a broadleaf weed control?

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There are many broadleaf weeds which are controlled with a broadleaf Weed & Feed fertilizer product or a post emergent broadleaf weed control product. They can effectively kill many common weeds.

Weeds controlled: === insert chart === Always check the label of any herbicide to see if your target weed is listed on the label. A second application may be needed after two or three weeks. To be effective, the weeds need to be actively growing. The lawn should be wet either from dew or a light irrigation prior to the application to ensure that the herbicide will remain on the leaf for successful foliar absorption. A full 24 hours after the herbicide application the lawn should be irrigated. Weed & Feed should not be applied to newly seeded lawns, only established areas, as the herbicide may damage young grass plants.