Seasonal Tip

Seasonal Tip

November, 2014
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Why is dormant seeding important to you?


Why Choose the Rebels?

The Rebels® Turf-Type Tall Fescue products have been scientifically developed to grow an exceptionally dense, lush lawn that is darker, greener and denser than common Kentucky-31. The Rebels® high performance, low maintenance Turf-Type Tall Fescue varieties perform well in both sunny and shady areas. Lawns grown from The Rebels® products have exceptional heat and drought tolerance, as well as increased durability in heavy traffic areas.

Attributes of Tall Fescue

  • Grows a beautiful fine-textured lawn
  • Maintains a deep green color throughout the growing season
  • Contains improved heat, drought and disease resistant varieties
  • Lower growing requiring less mowing than common Fescues
  • Cool season, aggressive, perennial bunchgrass that develops a uniform sod as it matures
  • Adapts to a wide range of soils, including poorly drained areas