Seasonal Tip

Seasonal Tip

November, 2014
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Newly planted grass is very delicate and easily damaged versus established grass in a mature lawn.


Tall Fescue Mix

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*If overseeding, use 1/2 amount
Tall Fescue Grass Seed The Tall Fescue Mix is designed for general lawn use. It contains multiple tall fescue varieties to increase its resistance to lawn diseases and to thrive in a range of growing conditions (including a variety of soils and levels of sun exposure), but because it contains tall fescues it has a consistent, uniform appearance of a high quality turf type tall fescue lawn.
  • Produces a darker, greener and denser lawn than Kentucky-31 and other tall fescues
  • Withstands heavy traffic, insects and drought for lower maintenance
  • Grows well in partial shade to full sun and in a wide range of soils


Daily Light Required Full Sun to Partial Shade
(4 - 8 hours of daily sun)
Sun Tolerance Excellent
Shade Tolerance Moderate
Color Dark Green
Texture Ultra Fine
Drought Tolerance Excellent
Disease Tolerance Excellent
Traffic Tolerance Excellent

Planting Zone

Planting Zone

Planting & Maintenance

Best Time to Plant Early Spring/ Fall
Seeding Rate -
New Lawn 8 lbs./1,000 sq. ft.
Overseeding 4 lbs./1,000 sq. ft.
Planting Depth ¼”
Germination Time 7-21 days
Recommended Height For Mowing 3-4”

Spreader Settings

Spreader Over Seed New Lawn
Republic EZ Drop Spreader 10 ½ 12 ½
Republic EZ Broadcast 6 ½ 9 ½
Scotts® AccuGreen® Drop 9 ½ 15
Scotts® EasyGreen™ 30 30
Scotts® SpeedyGreen® Broadcast 11 ½ 13 ½
AccuGreen, EasyGreen, and Scotts are trademarks of OMS Investments, Inc. SpeedyGreen is a registered trademark of Everris International B.V.

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