Seasonal Tip

Seasonal Tip

November, 2014
How can I test my soil's pH? »
Soil pH can be tested with a simple pH soil kit.


How do soil types influence the care of a home lawn?

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Soil types vary across the country and may greatly influence management practices. Soil is composed of sand, silt and clay. Fine textured soils (those with a greater percentage of clay) tend to retain water for a longer period of time than more coarsely textured soils. Finer textured soils are more apt to become compacted which results in a poor draining soil. Compacted soils do not allow healthy root growth and therefore limit the success of the desired grass. Soils such as silty loams or sandy loams are more desired, as they allow water and air to percolate through the soil. Soils that are too coarse will not retain adequate water and require additional irrigation. It is recommended that your soil be tested to determine the components in your soil type.